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We are proud to partner with Mike Peterson! His wonderful pastures and cattle are kept at the best conditions possible to provide a healthy lifestyle. We appreciate all the hard efforts he puts into creating the tastiest beef in the state of Colorado.

Here at Hook & Hock; we love that Mike provides the highest standards of meat quality, on local pasture farms. Then fed under strict all natural feeding practices that have been taught down through the generations.

Click on the photos & video to learn more about Mike’s story & how he raises the perfect beef!

Also check out the screaming deals we’re offering on whole, half & quarter cows! Contact us via phone to place your order!

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whole cow sale

Weights are based on normal size averages. The amount of specific cuts depends on the size of cow purchased. See the list below for average weights & amounts.

Please note that customers will have the ability to choose their own cuts ONLY with Whole & Half Cow purchases!

$350 (Whole)/$250 (Half & 1/4) Delivery Fee To Hook & Hock or Pick-up for Free at D&L Meat Company in Ovid, Colorado!

Full Cows: $4200 (50% Deposit)
Minumum Take Home: 520 lbs ($7.99/lb)

Half Cows: $2200 (50% Deposit)
Minimum Take Home: 260 lbs ($8.30/lb)

Quarter Cows: $1200 (Pay In Full)
Minimum Take Home: 130 lbs ($9.00/lb)

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Leevers Locavore
2630 W. 38th Avenue
Denver, CO 80211


Open Daily
7am — 6pm


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